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Stratos recently assisted a client with their successful SR&ED claim. This client is a software development firm that specializes in developing systems and controls for clients. They had been in business for 5 years and had conducted numerous projects related to the development and implementation of systems and controls. The client had developed a new system to automate the process of managing and tracking inventory for a large retail chain. The system was designed to be more efficient than the manual process that had been in place and was able to provide up to date information on inventory levels, as well as automatically alerting the client when levels were running low. Stratos was able to assist the client in identifying and documenting the SR&ED activities conducted in the development of the system. This included identifying the scientific and technological advancement that the client had achieved through their project, as well as activities such as design, development, testing, and implementation. Stratos also provided guidance on the type of documentation that was required to support the claim, and assisted in ensuring that all of the required information was included in the application. The client was successful in their SR&ED claim, resulting in a substantial refund from the government. This refund was used to fund additional software development projects, which enabled the client to expand their business. The client was extremely pleased with the results achieved through Stratos’s assistance, and were able to benefit from the SR&ED program as a result.

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