Payroll Services

Employees are your greatest asset. And so should your payroll services.

Payroll Services Overview

Payroll is one of the most critical but often underestimated parts of a company's finances. Ensuring accurate and timely payroll is essential regardless of your business's size or industry. 

From correctly capturing employee hours and calculating the payout to ensuring tax compliance and benefit administration, professional payroll services demand precision and diligence to prevent errors affecting your employees and potential run-ins with the CRA.

Stratos Accounting and Consulting's payroll services in Toronto include every aspect of payroll administration, taking your burden of payroll services off to allow you to focus on growing your business.

Our Payroll Services

Our comprehensive suite of payroll services includes:

Payroll Processing

Our experienced CPAs will handle all aspects of payroll processing, including calculating employee wages (factoring in overtime and bonuses) and accurately deducting taxes, benefits and other withholdings.

Payroll Distributions

To ensure flexibility and convenience, we will handle various payroll distribution options, including direct deposit, paper cheques, electronic pay stubs and more.

Employee Benefits Administration

Stratos can help you manage employee benefits, from health insurance and pension plans to spending accounts.

Customized Reporting

We offer comprehensive customized reporting to keep you updated on expenses, earnings, liabilities, etc. Our industry-leading cloud-based accounting platforms allow us to tailor all information to your specific needs.

Tax Reconciliation and Compliance

We use robust tracking, categorizing and reconciliation to ensure full tax compliance. The primary goal of our payroll services in the GTA is to provide accurate and complete calculations of your taxes. Never pay a dollar more than required.

Payroll Services by Stratos Consultants for businesses in GTA

Benefit of Hiring Stratos as your Payroll Company


As professional accountants, you can rely on us to ensure your payroll records are accurate, complete, and up to date. Never worry about your payroll falling behind or growing concerns or errors again!


As a small business owner, every hour spent on non-revenue generating activities comes at a cost. Let us manage your payroll services for small businesses, and you focus on the growth of your core business activities.


We know what we're doing. At Stratos, we identify opportunities to streamline your business expenditures, reduce costs, and increase your bottom line. As your accountant, we take a cutting-edge approach to ensuring our clients' profitability.


If you experience any issues with your payroll, our friendly customer support is only a phone call away. Whether it is changes to your payroll structure or other problems, we are here to help you resolve them as soon as possible.


Our cloud-based accounting platforms allow you to check the status of your payroll at any time, any place.

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