SR&ED Client Recovers Eligible Costs in Application Development and Technology

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When John and his team approached Stratos for assistance with their SR&ED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) claim, they had incurred significant eligible costs while developing a new application. The goal of the project was to create a revolutionary platform that would streamline and improve the way businesses operate, and they were eager to recover as much of their eligible costs as possible.

At the time, John and his team had been working on the project for over two years, and had incurred a wide range of SR&ED eligible costs, including salaries for their R&D team, materials and supplies, and contract payments to external service providers. They were confident that their project qualified for SR&ED funding, but were overwhelmed by the complexity of the process and unsure of how to maximize their claim.

That’s when they turned to Stratos for help. Our team of SR&ED experts worked closely with John and his team to understand the details of their project and the eligible costs they had incurred. We reviewed their financial records and helped them identify all of the SR&ED eligible costs they were entitled to claim.

Next, we worked with John and his team to prepare a detailed and accurate SR&ED claim, including a technical narrative that explained the scientific and technological advancements they had made during the course of their project. We also prepared all of the necessary supporting documentation, including financial records and contracts with external service providers.

Once the claim was submitted, we worked closely with the SR&ED review team to ensure that it was reviewed and processed as quickly as possible. We were able to provide additional information and clarification as needed, and answered any questions that arose during the review process.

In the end, John and his team were able to recover a significant portion of their SR&ED eligible costs, which helped offset the expenses of the project and allowed them to reinvest in their business. They were grateful for the expert guidance and support provided by the Stratos team, and credited us with helping them navigate the complex SR&ED process and recover the funds they were entitled to.

If you’re a business owner in the application development and technology space and have incurred significant SR&ED eligible costs, consider working with Stratos to maximize your claim. Our team of SR&ED experts is here to help you understand the process, prepare a strong claim, and recover the funds you’re entitled to. Contact us today to learn more.

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